More than thirty year ago, we have amazed the industry by enabling a dream from an idea by bringing the first central vacuum system into your environment.


In purist of excellence, that same idea has now become more ambitious. We want to further improve your life style, starting from the air you breathe by improving what we have already realized and working more on what we do best. As an outcome of our search for excellence, General Vacuum system is now proud to present our new lines with a mix of design and technology with the result of the same quality and experience acquired by the group as general intake. The new projects were carried out with the same professionalism and harmonious union of wisdom and innovation to reflect the values in which we have always believed our passion for good job and desire to constantly improve ourselves and the reality around us.

Our mission is to design a solution for your need. In the process, we have created a service for each location in which you will find yourself. From time to time, depending on the different situations in which you operate, you will discover how versatile the General D’Aspirazione had managed to prove its excellence. In any environment, our system will adapt to you, according to your priorities. Our greatest ambition is to "give welfare by way of introducing the central vacuum system and enable your life style in every walks of your life".

The central vacuum systems of General D’Aspirazione are a widely accepted device and are installed across Italy and Europe. Sharing the passion and desire to constantly improve ourselves the reality around us. In association with GDA, EuroClean Vacuum Systems has now brought the excellence of Central Vaccum System to India.

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