Centralized Vacuum Cleaner:

A Great and Powerful tool which is neither seen nor heard, but silently cleans environment and purifies the air around you.

General Vacuum is a Centralized Vacuum system networking which is similar to the electrical and plumbing. The Main unit “the control unit” is installed in a Service room which is linked to the suction units distributed across various location in the building.

The Network of Vacuum pipe lines is installed either under the floor or dropped through the wall from false ceiling. The Pipes are made up of PVC specially characterized to be antimicrobial and antifungal.

In order to activate the system, the light flexible hose is inserted into the suction.

How does it work?

Euro Central vacuum systems distribute vacuum power throughout facilities of any size from neighborhood carwashes to multi-acre industrial sites. They provide intense cleaning, vacuum hold-down or pickup. Each vacuum system is custom-designed with a centrally located vacuum producer and dirt separator or material collector connected to a vacuum tubing network. To ensure that your vacuum system is planned and sized correctly, with all the service features you want, here are some factors to consider.

  • What types of applications do you have?
  • Cleaning only?
  • Any other tasks?
  • What is the maximum number of simultaneous system users?
  • For vacuum cleaning, what hose diameter and length will be best based on your floor plan?
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General vacuum systems are custom designed for each facility with a centrally located vacuum unit and dust collection bin connected to a PVC vacuum tubing network. They extend “equal vacuum pressure” throughout the facility at approx. 2800 Pa at each suction points irrespective of the distance point from the main unit and thecontrol unit. Depending on the Square foot area, Count of simultaneous users and no of suction points General vacuum has a range of machines to suit the requirement. The Machines are rather classified as residential and industrial control units.

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