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General Vacuum System is an innovative system for cleaning environments that improves the quality of the air we breathe. Unlike a normal portable vacuum cleaner, General Vacuum Systems uses vacuum sockets and pipes inserted in the walls that suck up the dust and takes it to a central unit situated in a separate room, far from the room we are cleaning to remove mites and micro-dust perfectly and silently, leaving the air in the home a real pleasure to breathe.

General Vacuum System is as simple as it is practical and original: the flexible hose is inserted in sockets in the walls of the various rooms of the home and the dust collected disappears “behind the wall”, piped into a central unit situated in a separate environment, far from the rooms we live in. No more old vacuum cleaner dragged around the house looking for suitable power sockets, no more stress with extension leads that aren’t long enough and knocking against doors and furniture. Now every room has its fitting, where you can insert the flexible hose with the most suitable accessory or brush for the type of surface to clean.

The General Vacuum System is so simple and flexible it can be used by several operators at the same time. So it’s perfect for cleaning not only houses and apartments but also large buildings and environments like hotels, offices, community centers, rehab centers, hospitals, etc. Any Interiors with more than 70% of floor space covered with Carpet is recommended to have General Vacuum Systems.

The central unit of the General Vacuum System is situated in a separate environment, far from the rooms we live in, for example on a terrace, in a garage or cellar, etc. This lets you use the system at any time because it’s totally silent.

Indoor air pollution is one of the top four identified environmental health risks. One of the biggest differences between traditional vacuum cleaners and General vacuum systems lies in recycling the dust. A Regular Vacuum System throws back minute dust mites, pollen, animal dander, and other allergy-causing agents back into the same atmosphere. In fact, while the first blow the dust back into the atmosphere, the second removes it totally, transporting it through pipes in chases to the room where it is collected in the central unit, therefore guaranteeing total cleanliness of the environment and efficiently removing bed bugs and particles of micro-dust. Inside the central unit, the dust is filtered by special polyester filters, and then the clean air is blown out. The dust doesn’t come into contact with the user. Doctors recommend allergic individuals to abstain from using the conventional vacuum or leave the area where the vacuuming is being done. It is proven that there is an increased relief from allergy on the usage of Central Vacuum Systems in lieu of the conventional ones.

No, it’s not noisy as the central unit is in a separate room from the rest of the home. So you don’t hear the motor running and you can clean the rooms in complete silence.

It depends on how big the rooms are, with one socket you can cover roughly 25 to 30 m², so it’s quite simple to calculate the number of sockets you need. Another way to calculate the number of sockets is as follows: knowing that the cleaning hose is 8 meters long, if the sockets are installed at point x (corridor, entrance, etc.), you can see where the hose will reach and determine the number of sockets required to cover the entire apartment or house.

With the TUBÒ system, you can vacuum dust, small debris, any dry material you could normally find in the home. Obviously, the diameter of the objects to pick up mustn’t be too big to avoid the risk of suction. As for liquids, however, these must be cleaned using the relevant accessory, the liquid separator. Sucking water and dust at the same time without using this accessory can cause problems and block the pipes and therefore the flow of the dust to the central unit.

Not directly, to do this you should use the special “LIQUID SEPARATOR”, part. This accessory goes between the vacuum socket and the flexible hose so that liquids are separated from the air and don’t enter the fixed pipes. When it is full a safety ball cock stops the suction.

The liquid separator is an accessory that is used when you want to clean water or ashes or very fine material you don’t want to get into the pipes of the vacuum cleaning system. These substances are “separated” by this accessory.