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Inverter Central Monoblock Series- From 1 - 4 Simultaneous users
The continuous search for excellence and innovation in the field of commercial/industrial cleaning has led to the creation of the new “Inverter Central Monoblock” which in one body unites design, technology, and performance at the highest level in order to offer the best products to our customers. Available in versions from one up to four simultaneous users the central Monoblocks promise better performance, reduced consumption, and an excellent filtering capacity in lesser space. Their area of utilization goes from approximately 3000 SQ FT – 50,000 SQ/FT 


The central Monoblocks concentrate design, technology, and performance on a high level, together with significantly reduced consumption due to the inverter system with which they are serially equipped.


Ideal for surfaces up to 50,000 SQ/FT, the central Monoblocks are suitable for the operation from one, two, three, up to four simultaneous users.


The central Monoblocks can be equipped with the self-cleaning system of the filter, which guarantees a constant efficiency over time, thus reducing maintenance labor.


It is sufficient to connect the entry and exit of the air and plug in the plug to the electricity network to start the central Vacuum System.

Inverter Industrial Units

FROM 2 TO 7 SIMULTANEOUS USERS MAXIMUM POWER, the Inverter unit is equipped with a variable frequency drive motor of great power, with an ability to support the cleaning for industrial environments and large surfaces up to 15,000 square meters.

Depending on the area extent, the main control unit is recommended with 2/3/4/5/7 simultaneous users in different floors of the same building or different circuits on the same floor.

The inverter allows a reduction of up to 50% of power consumption, by varying the speed of the main control unit on the number of users who connect simultaneously. This means the machine runs at its peak power only when all designated users are logged in simultaneously.

Usually, the filter in the main unit of any vacuum cleaner needs periodic maintenance to ensure the efficient performance of the machine. The GDA system offers an option of auto/self-cleaning this filter. An automatic program of cleaning can be set electronically wherein the machine drives in the reverse pulse of air into the filter to carry out self-cleaning. It is important to note that it will last for approximately 20 minutes and during this period the machine should be at rest.

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